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From left to right: Grung Shawlcollar Sottobosco Pull, We+Storm Briefs, Grung Scarf Danubio.

From left to right, downwards: Grung Scarf Danubio, Grung Shawlcollar Sottobosco Pull, We+Storm Briefs, Grung Scarf Danubio.


We Norwegians was founded by the designer Tove Grane in Voss (Norway), where its headquarters and one of its main stores are located (together with Oslo and the new opening in the USA). In October 2014 they opened their online store and we can also find their clothes in about 180 stores around the world.

Everyone knows that Norway, like all of Scandinavia, is a country with a cold climate and that's why its main raw material is premium wool from merino sheep, originally from Spain and Turkey, to take advantage of the natural benefits of this and thus, create functional garments with a contemporary design.

What are these natural benefits? Its comfort, temperature regulator, a minimum water repellent (effective with light rain or snow), does not get dirty or wrinkle so easily (which helps to protect the environment by avoiding continuous washing).

In addition, it has a minimum of antibacterial properties; and in the case of merino wool it is considered as the finest and softest with a perfect heat / weight ratio.

They manufacture their garments in Europe for several reasons: shorter transport time, flexibility of quantities, closer relations with their suppliers and thus ensure that they operate under the laws and regulations of the European Union and, therefore, comply with the standards of social responsibility in addition to producing less pollution due to transport or excess production.

Finally I would like to remind you that We Norwegians garments are made in Europe from the creation of the threads, through the sewing of garments and finishing with the details and adornments. This is important to know that they meet socio-working standards and save energy in transportation.

Even its ornaments and labels are manufactured by NILORN, a Swedish company certified as a sustainable brand.

Now I will talk about the clothes that I have been able to try. 

  • The first of these are the We + Storm briefs. A basic black underpants composed of 98% wool, with the finest yarn of this and 2% elastane, provide the benefits mentioned above to create a delicate and soft garment. When we think of wool we can not think of a pair of underpants of this material and yet they are even better than cotton because they regulate the temperature better and this is perfect for underwear.
  • I continue with the basic black t-shirt also, which is also composed of a very thin thread giving the feeling well, of wearing a cotton shirt providing warmth and comfort. Perfect as an inner shirt for these cold days. Thanks to its resistance to moisture is the perfect insulation to avoid perspiration throughout the day due to temperature changes that we suffer between the street, premises, public transport etc. It is also ideal to take any day without anything on hotter days.
  • Finally and to finish a complete upper body look I show you on the one hand the Grung Danubio shawl, made of very fine wool to give a more elegant touch, and the Grung Shawlcollar Sottobosco, in those peculiar green tones. These garments stand out from the rest because of their unique design, inspired by the architecture of Geir Grung; you can see that it follows a graphic pattern like tiles.



We Norwegians: Inspired in the 60s adapts to new trends.


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Clothes cost money for many reasons. One of them is that real people make them; People who are doing the dyeing, the cutting, the sewing etc. We want to show you that the textile industry can actually benefit all those involved.


Tove Grane, Propietaria y Diseñadora