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Every time we see more of the main brands of the fast-fashion movement trying to show sustainability through some specific articles and collections, pretending to be more respectful at an environmental level (few of them focus on the socioeconomic area that is behind this industry) with articles made with organic or recycled materials. It is no more than a simple green-washing initiative, to reflect a nature or to try to clean their image in front of the market.

It is just a marketing strategy with the purpose of taking advantage of the tendencies of society towards a responsable, ethical and guilt-free consumption. They should actually be the pioneers of this evolution in the sector, to start increasing awareness of our footprint. However, applying integral sustainability in the fashion industry goes a little beyond that reality.

The good example to fight these aforementioned scenarios would be Sylvia Calvo. It is an ecological and ethical fashion brand within the slow fashion movement, founded in mid-2015 in the city of Barcelona. They use artisan production processes and ecological materials ranging from organic to recycled, impacting the environment the less it is possible.

Obviously, they are committed to the development of the local economy, and they work with local suppliers to carry out their designs, in addition to guaranteeing fair and dignified working conditions that respect human rights. T-shirts, jackets, coats, waistcoats, bags... Any of them can become an essential to leave home that combined with simple pieces gives an exceptional touch to the outfit of the day. As Sylvia Calvo says, the most sustainable material is the one that exists and we reuse, since we extend its useful life. The bags of coffee are made of jute, which is a natural and sustainable material in its production.

All of her pieces follow processes of handmade cutting and confection, and also have a unique, elegant and original style that could remind of old pieces of straight cut from great and powerful Loewe's collections. Sylvia has far exceeded the challenge of turning a material as rough as jute into pieces as elegant as the ones she makes.

Black Suit: MACSON

‍‍Black Chemise: Nassau Ibiza

Jacket: Sylvia Calvo

Sylvia Calvo is a co-founder of the catalan Association Barcelona Sustainable Fashion (Asociación Moda Sostenible Barcelona), and was the president of the association until early 2018, demonstrating her commitment to sustainability in this way, and it's a regular participant in the Eco Fashion Week Australia, always introducing her latest collections for men and women.

In the case of the Balzac jacket, Sylvia Calvo combines denim and recycled jute, lined inside with a soft cotton fabric with a world map pattern very similar to the classic one of Johannes Blaeu. The outer pockets of the jacket make it possible to carry some things in them without being noticed, thanks to the straight structure of the same. The inner pocket is perfect for not carrying the phone in the open.

Besides the jacket, the waistcoat James is an amazing complement that looks perfectly with the colours of the jacket and even more if you are wearing a fully black outfit. The little details of the vest gives a differentiation and a subtle and gentle appearance to the article, making it fancy and classy.

Sylvia Calvo


The Balzac jacket, a unique design
by Sylvia Calvo.


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The clothes that you choose to wear every day have a great impact on the planet, make this election worthwhile.




Sylvia Calvo