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From left to right: Casual Denim Gray, Sweatshirt Gary Mélange & Henley Heavy longsleeve.

From left to right, downwards: Casual Denim Gray, Striped boxers, Striped socks, Jogger Nicki & Henley Heavy Longsleeve.


Recolution is a German clothing brand created in 2010 by two friends: Jan and Robert; who shared the same values in terms of ethics in commerce. Their philosophy is based on sustainability and they completely reject the disposable culture that currently exists in the textile industry.

They think that with their way of creating they can contribute to the ecological and economic development of our planet, thus protecting the environment for present and future generations.

That's why their garments are made with organic cotton certified by GOTS, which has not been applied chemical fertilizers, pesticides or comes from plants or genetically modified seeds.

They are also certified by PETA as a vegan brand since they always look for alternatives to not use ingredients of animal origin.

In their summer clothes they use Lyocell cellulose fiber, made of eucalyptus wood. The production of this fiber does not have a great impact on the environment since its manufacturing process is a closed cycle in which trees do not need chemicals to grow.

In order to guarantee fair treatment with the people involved in the production of their garments; At the same time they take care of the environment avoiding long distance transport, they work with fabrics from Portugal and Turkey. They try to make the whole production process as local as possible; even its accessories and ornaments such as buttons, zippers, etc., come from the same region (in this case located in Portugal).

Keep in mind that we always talk about garments produced with organic raw materials of high quality and that are made by real people with whom we work fairly and without exploitation.

By having their suppliers and producers so close, you can visit them every time they order a collection and get a photo on the site together with the workers giving great importance to personal contact.

You can see that Recolution's fashion has a casual and street style. 

  • The long-sleeved shirt HEAVY: Perfect for everyday use, very comfortable and high quality. In a striking blue-green color with a line of buttons perfect to wear alone or unbuttoned with another shirt inside another color and thus make more variable looks.
  • The striped sweatshirt in gray tones that I have been able to try is a versatile garment that can be used to go down to buy bread (as they say) as well as to go to the city center when you stay with your friends for a drink. In addition to being a neutral color is perfect to combine with any pants, such as Denim Casuals pants, also in gray but in a different tone.
  • These pants, are a classic garment like jeans with a touch something different that makes them look like a tracksuit. They are very comfortable and breathe perfectly so they can be used on slightly hot days. In winter, if you travel to colder countries as is my case, but you do not want to do without them; You can put a thermal mesh underneath because with this design will not be noticed.
  • The most informal set that I will explain about this brand is the NICKI jacket and jogger. The seams of the jacket are very flattering and the trousers are very comfortable and soft so it will not only serve you to go running but also for those days when you spend more time at home than outside but you have to be ready to go out any moment.
  • Finally I will mention the STRIPES boxer and socks: simple but very comfortable and warm and I think the quality / price ratio is more than acceptable.



Recolution: Fair, organic and vegan fashion for gentlemen (and ladies).


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Our approach goes beyond making green fashion. Shaped by an urban environment, we're constantly trying to find sustainable solutions that bring us closer to our vision of contemporary green cities. #greenyourcity


Jan & Robert, Founders