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Wearing solid and intense colors is one of my things and today I'm going to show it with my new grünBAG bags, in this perfect showy color. Helen Leegaard is the creative thinker and founder behind this great company that was willing to step into the green life by trying to make of our world a better place reducing waste by recycling and repurposing industrial materials and doing something original and with high quality standards and usability to the things we throw. ‍‍

The collection offers a variety of alternatives with different styles and solid colors among other differentiated products, which are made from strong and durable materials that are able to handle our daily routines at the same time that we work together for a greener and more ecological future.

Practically almost all of the materials that are used in grünBAG are sustainable or repurposed from the scratch of the textile or other industries, and they keep on working hard for being more sustainable day after day and reducing to zero their environmental impact. To see their consistence in the use of these materials, we can see some of the ones that they use:

The main material used by the company is the characteristic,  strong and colorful truck tarpaulin. In this case they reuse the remnants and offcuts from the production, which otherwise would be destructed or incinerated, increasing the CO2 in the atmosphere. Besides lowering the impact of the waste inland, the sturdy material guarantees a resistant bag that could be wore daily. Most of the bags are made reusing another material that we use to be safe in the road. The recycled seatbelts from cars are used by grünBAG as hard but comfortable material to create a reliable shoulder strap and belt in their bags which guarantees top quality, as most of the seatbelts would outlive the own cars.  

Besides these main elements, grünBAG uses commercial banners and posters, they produce customized clasps in nylon stopping the import of claps from new plastic and they use a 100% recycled PET fabric made from soda bottles to prevent the creation of new fabrics from new plastic among other materials.

Sunglasses: Proof Eyewear

Chemise: Massimo Rebecchi

Shorts: Nassau Ibiza

All in all, if you want to help the environment and the world we live in, buying a grünBAG it's a way to stop the production of new plastics and a way to reduce the waste transversally generated in several industries as well as recycling other materials. The company grünBAG is not only a reference for the Denmark, but for the whole world.

As yellow is one of my favorite colors, the models that I chose are precisely that striking. In the pictures you can see the BackPack Yellow, the Carry Yellow and the Toiletry Yellow. An after using it for my trips to Barcelona and Budapest I can tell you that are really comfortable besides catchy! In the BackPack and the Carry I can fit my computer, iPad and all the things I'd like to bring as a complement of the suitcase in the cabin of the plane or even for a day out in the streets. They Toiletry is perfect for storing all my toletries besides the liquids, so I can easily hand them in the airport. The best of it all is that they are water resistant!



GrünBAG, reuse of materials for carrying on with a better world.


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At grünBAG we aim to rethink the usability of what we throw away and work towards a greener future.


Helen Leegaard