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The development of new companies that use organic and socially sustainable fabrics is important, but also those companies that are capable of converting the waste into a resource are essential. Back To Eco is an initiative created by the association By My Eco, founded in 2013 in Barcelona, with the idea of developing actions that facilitate the transition towards a more sustainable society, from a creative and innovative perspective. Under this vision, the company decided in 2018 to centralize the work of communication and action in the Back To Eco project.

In Catalonia, 7,000 tons of waste are generated from the textile industry, and being able to reduce that amount through upcycling and repurposing is essential. Likewise, 70% of the textile fiber produced worldwide is denim, which makes the Back To Eco project in a thing that have a real environmental impact, in addition to the social one due to its ethical code.

The idea of the initial project was to create pieces from the repurposing of materials, that motivate those who wear them and those who see them, and that help to value the fact of depositing garments in the recycling containers (something that society is not really used to do), trying to also raise consumer awareness in order to drive them to the path of sustainability.

The values of the brand are the circular economy, since they transform materials and try to minimize the generation of waste; and the labor reinsertion, since people who have found themselves at risk of social exclusion work in their workshops.

As for their products, some of their specialties are backpacks and bags, with an infinite variety of colors. The tote X4 and weekender X5 are the most practical and comfortable for my personal use, as well as elegant in black and gray. When you tend to travel and move a lot, a comfortable transport for the things you need most by hand is necessary. The cabin trolley is perfect, we already know, but we always need space to carry something else.

Chaqueta: Burberry

Camisa Blanca: KENZO

Calcetines: Bjorn Borg

Mochila: Back To Eco

Back To Eco has many other products such as t-shirts, pants, aprons and tablecloths, which can be found in their store in Barcelona or directly through the website that you will find below.

The Back To Eco pieces are unique and vegan, since their main material is the broken and used denim, with an imprint and a unique history in each case. In addition, the materials for making Back To Eco products are free of animal exploitation, since they use piñatex instead of leather, although it must be taken into account that the main raw material is denim recycling, and some recycled brands are not recognized as vegans.

The weekender X5, being made of denim fabric and easily moldable, can be brought as a complement bag in the plane by carrying it crossed and folded, it is also perfect to fit flat in those small holes that are on top of the suitcases after they are all packed in the overhead compartments.

On the other hand, the X4 tote has a perfect length to carry it hanging from the shoulder, the forearm or holding the handles in yourf fist; adapting to the need you have in each moment without limiting your movements. Both are lined inside with reused fabrics and have a quick access pocket.

Back To Eco


The recycled and vegan bags X4 and X5, by Back To Eco.


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We reduce the consumption of new resources while trying to minimize the generation of waste.